How to diagnose and repair a Lay z spa airjet that is leaking from the pump

It happens to us all at some point and usually just as your warranty runs out. the dreaded puddle under the pump.

In just a few simple steps we can find your leak and help you fix it.

First thing to check is the your non return valve is not leaking back into the pump.

Unscrew the coupler on the larger of the three pipe. you should get no water coming back from the tub.

When you remove the coupler you see water flow coming from the tub side of the pipe then its signs of a failed non return valve.

another good way to test this is to turn the bubbles on. if the leaking stops while the air is blowing then your problem is your non return valve and your pump mushroom valve.

If it still leaks there’s 3 main places that are common leak points

first is the water pump.

I will bring this up first as it is the most likely culprit.

I have made a guide to help you repair this HERE

If you find you still have a leak then it will be from to top part of your pump.

By removing the screws from around the waist of the pump you can lift the top off your pump while the control panel wire is still attached. with the pump running you should clearly see any leaks from the water flow sensor housing or the heater unit.


The second common leak point is the water flow sensor housing.

Lastly is the heater unit.







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With a new impeller with stainless steel shaft and some shiny new seals you can work backwards to put your pump back together.

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