How to reseal a Lay Z Spa Airjet water pump and replace the impeller


Hello and welcome if you find yourself with a leaking water pump our a faulty impeller giving you a E02 headache your in the right place.

Don’t worry its a easy job and you only need a few basic tools



Disconnect your pump from the mains as well as from your tub using the black caps Bestway provide.

Tip your pump on its side but NOT upside down you don’t want any rouge water running to the top side of the pump.

Remove the 4 small screws from the grey base plate.



Then withdraw the cover. Depending on the age of the pump it may or may not be attached with a earth wire.



You will be able to see the pump clearly with plenty of access apart from one screw at the back of the water pump.

Using the Flat head screwdriver remove the Hose clamp and wiggle the pipe off the pump.

The black O-ring shown here is only on some models so don’t panic if you don’t have one.



Now Unplug the wire going to the transformer. it has a twist lock connecter and 2 pins. there is no polarity on this so you can connect it back either way.



With the water pump all disconnected we are ready to remove it. There’s two screws one on either side. the back one can be troublesome unless you have a long magnetic screwdriver.



With these screws removed you should be able to wiggle the pump out and into the open.



Your seals will likely be black and perished. mine are fresh because I have just pulled a perfectly running pump apart that I had previously refurbished just to make this guide 🙂

Now remove the six screws from around the pump and it will split in half exposing the impeller and gasket seal.


If you find you impeller or any of the seals are damages or perished we stock either individual seals a full seal kit or the impellers come complete with all pump seals.